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Chairman Brief

With decades of experience in the textile industry, the honour has now been bestowed upon me to continue the great leadership of this company to even greater heights, focusing on continuous improvement in development, production and sustainability.


My commitment to my workforce and our stakeholders are the betterment of our production through new technologies and sustainable methods, investment in the wellness of our workers, and the care of the communities, environments and countries wherein we operate. Through innovation and capacity building of talent, this focus on continual improvement will help us reach these heights.


I understand that by seeking out these goals, our number one priority is always that of our people, be it an office staff member, a factory worker, or our daily interactions with our stakeholders. You stand at the central of our driving force and success, and without you, none of this would have been possible.


I sincerely thank everyone in Nien Hsing for all the years of service and loyal support you have given us, and will build upon this great foundation. As a team, we can reach these goals faster, more effectively and in a sustainable manner--ensuring excellent product quality and a higher standard of living.