by the Relations & Sustainability Team


Partnering with Deloitte on Organizational Transformation Diagnosis

In recent years, Nien Hsing Textile has undergone many changes all the way from corporate to factory level. Facing an ever-changing future, new technologies and exploring new opportunities, we have partnered with Deloitte Taiwan and Deloitte South Africa on an Organizational Transformation Diagnosis Project.

The importance of this partnership is underscored by the chairman, Richard Chen, “Partnering with Deloitte—a well-known international company and a recognized leader in organizational management—gives us the opportunity to let an objective third-party look into Nien Hsing, providing new ideas, suggestions for improved structures and the identification of relevant goals. For us as a company with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, we are optimistic about our transformation and the future.”

Organizational Transformation Diagnosis Project

Exactly what is an Organizational Transformation Diagnosis Project? I spoke to Andy Tsai, our General Manager on the plan for this project, and why Deloitte.

“We often fall into the traditional business model of thinking, unable to escape from a traditional mindset vortex. We face new customers, new market trends and competition.

“The expertise from Deloitte will help us resolve differences in terms of upper and lower management organizational and personnel structure. This will facilitate a better understanding and rapport between the various channels, helping the future development of the company’s vision and business strategy.

“The Organizational Transformation Diagnosis Project is helping us to identify these weaknesses on which we can improve or eliminate; thereby promoting unity and cooperation between departments.

“Choosing to partner with Deloitte on this was an easy decision as we have a long history with them and confident in their expertise. They are pioneers in the services they offer. We believe they can bring us the professional advice we need.”

The Focus

Chris Chang, project lead and Nien Hsing Sales Director, shared the focus of the project. “As a company we are known for good jeans and good fabrics, and that we excel at production. That doesn’t mean we are perfect, and improving our non-productional and supporting processes will allow us to grow with the changes. When we approached Deloitte, we had looked at various options, and in the end decided for the most effective transformational impact to focus on aspects of organizational structure, strategy and vision, and human resources transformation.”

Project Timeline

The project kicked off in January this year with interviews and assessment of systems at corporate level. Members of the board, the chairman, general manager and other key operational managers were interviewed, after which interviews were conducted at factory level, including facility managers and workers.

“The strategy at corporate level must be closely connected and integrated with all other levels within the organization, ensuring effective communication from headquarters to factory, from factory management to workers, and between factories and trade unions,” Celine Shen, Administrative Manager in Taipei, added to the importance of including the regional management in the process.

With the last interviews wrapped up in February, the project entered the review and follow-up interview stage during March, leading to the finalization of the report beginning May. Key focus areas include strategic-, organizational- and human resources management.

Check back again in May for an update to this exciting venture!