In furtherance of our commitment to technological innovation, Nien Hsing is excited to announce a licensing agreement with industry laser giants, Revolaze.

We share the press release from Revolaze below.

July 17, 2019

Nien Hsing Textile Reaches License Agreement with RevoLaze on Patented Laser Technology

(Cleveland, OH) RevoLaze, LLC, a laser technology firm headquartered in Westlake, OH, announced today that the company has reached a license agreement with Nien Hsing Textile. The global denim apparel manufacturer, headquartered in Taiwan, now has a royalty-bearing license to manufacture laser treated garments for any denim brand in the world. The financial terms of the agreement are confidential.

For RevoLaze President, Darryl Costin, Jr., the agreement is just the beginning of a strong partnership. “We are very excited to come to an agreement with Nien Hsing. Besides being a global leader in denim jean manufacturing and a supplier to the world’s largest brands, Nien Hsing has a strong environmental sustainability policy across all of their operations. As with RevoLaze, they have a large focus on product design and research and development to provide better products to their customers. We look forward to working with Nien Hsing on future collaborations and partnering together to help them realize cost, quality, throughput and environmental advantages with our technology,” says Costin.

Chris Chang, Sales Director at Nien Hsing, believes that the shared passion for innovation makes for an ideal partnership. “We are very excited about this partnership with RevoLaze and couldn’t think of a more suitable candidate for this venture. With this, we are not only exploring new opportunities together, but also shaping the future together.”

This announcement coincides with the successful launch of CarbonLaze, RevoLaze’s latest innovation to automatically convert photos of garments to laser ready files.